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Radio ARA


Radio ARA is the independent, non-commercial Radio Station of Luxembourg.

Active since 1992, Radio ARA is the oldest Community Radio in the country

and has always been identified as an alternative in the Luxembourgish media landscape.

The program of Radio ARA is as colourful and diverse

as the opinions, culture and music of the people living in the Grand Duchy.

The Radio for ALL Voices

Architecture Then And Now

Architecture Then And Now

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Hosted by: Karine
Call in: +352 22 22 89

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Not Currently Scheduled.

About the Show

The show, that takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of architecture.
Mission: to create the series of broadcasts dedicated to human’s artifacts in the field of architecture.
Tools: Podcasts including all periods of History, covering periods of architectural heyday all over the world.
Specific: not being fixed to one or two periods, cultures, civilizations to maximize the information flow on the one hand and not to miss the most curious facts on the other hand.
History of architecture should be presented with adjacent sciences like cultural studies and philosophy, as they permeate each other…
Podcast format runs confidential tone, transforming it into conversation of friends.
Small duration time and interesting facts will definitely not be bored throughout the topic.
Why me?
I’m graduate of the Architectural Institute (State Academy), worked as an architect, had an experience in lecturing and writing. I would like to try myself in a new field, so I’ll do my best to prove myself. I want to improve and ready follow the tips.
In the future I hope that podcasts would turn into architectural and cultural substantive reviews to provide extensive coverage of local and foreign events.


I am a practicing architect. As I have worked in the field of architecture for number of years, I have gained a deep understanding and passion for the subject […]

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