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Radio ARA


Radio ARA is the independent, non-commercial Radio Station of Luxembourg.


Active since 1992, Radio ARA is the oldest Community Radio in the country and has always been identified as an alternative in the Luxembourgish media landscape.


The program of Radio ARA is as colourful and diverse as the opinions, culture and music of the people living in the Grand Duchy.

The Radio for ALL Voices


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The WizzARAd

  In the dimly lit sanctum of the radio studio, where the flickering glow of vintage equipment casts shadows like whispers, stands a figure shrouded in mystery – The WizzARAd. With a gaze that pierces the veil between worlds and a presence that commands attention, he is the maestro of the airwaves. Clad in robes […]

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Danseuse/deejay/organisatrice d’événements depuis plus de 20 ans au Luxembourg et globetrotteuse surtout en Amérique Latine et Caraïbes, elle est tombée dans la musique depuis toute petite

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We are two Luxembourg-based record diggers who love warm, organic, analogue, eclectic and deep sounds which bring to mind tropical sunsets, campfire parties on the beach, humid jungle nights and star-filled skies.

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We are two Luxembourg-based record diggers who love warm, organic, analogue, eclectic and deep sounds which bring to mind tropical sunsets, campfire parties on the beach, humid jungle nights and star-filled skies

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Wendy Winn has lived in Luxembourg for over half her life, and is now Luxembourgish as well as American. Her background is in journalism and creative writing, and she is a poet, writer and artist. Before starting to host her own weekly show Happy Hour a decade ago, she was co-host of Deb Fulton-Anderson’s ‘Corner

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Born and raised in Zagreb, Kneza was surrounded by people from the rock scene and attended to many concerts of various types of music (rock, metal, punk, hardcore, dance, pop, ex-Yugoslavia rock, etc.). Fascinated by music from an early age, Kneza launched a Valhalla metal party in 2008. After a while, the party expanded to

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D’Vicky ass Psychopedagogin bei Graffiti, an interesséiert sech besonnesch fir e ressourcenorientéierten Ëmgaang mat der mentaler Gesondheet

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Hembadoon, formally known as Hembadoon Ande Peter-Thomas, is a singer-songwriter who started her career in 2002, writing for and singing as parts of groups in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria. Her music featured on the BBC Radio Show “Wetin Dey”, and she performed at Benson & Hedges road shows in 2003 & 2004. After working

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DJ RAF nella radio ci è caduto “caduto da piccolo”, visto che suo padre aveva uno studio radiofonico casalingo. A 6 anni inizia ad armeggiare coi Revox a bobine, a 15 anni realizza la prima diretta come corrispondente musicale da Roma per un network tedesco. Negli anni 90 lavora a Radio Rai. Dal 1994 a

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Céline Agnes 📻 Radio ARA 🎧 “The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur” (F. Pessoa) #radioara 🎧 #traveler 🇱🇺 #gaùcha 🇧🇷🐱#thecatclaw 🐾 m.facebook.com/djcatclaw

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Bernard Vincken

animation radio * 2021- * RADIO ARA * Luxembourg * ara.lu * 2021- * RADIO PANIK * Bruxelles * panik.org * 2020- * RADIO QUI CHIFEL * Mouscron * rqc.be * 1979-1982 * RADIO CAPITALE * SIS * RADIO IRIS * RADIO CONTACT * Bruxelles journalisme musique * 2021- * LARSEN * musique contemporaine *

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Seit 1997 ein großer Fan von lokaler Musik vom ganzen Globus. Schreibt jeden Monat die Weltmusikempfehlungen “Willis Tipps” für die Luxemburger Wochenzeitung WOXX. Mitglied der Jury der “Transglobal World Music Chart”. Since 1997 a big fan of local music from around the globe. Monthly column “Willis Tipps” in Luxembourgish weekly newspaper WOXX. Jury member of

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Un présentateur qui “oublie” de se présenter (je pense que je n’ai pas encore ressenti le “besoin” de citer mon prénom à l’antenne).

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Long story, short: I arrived in Luxembourg, a bit by chance, back in early 1986. The intention was to hang around for about 6 months. Almost 40 years later….still here! From a musical point of view, I am a bit of a child of the 80s, but my playlists span different decades and, pretty much,

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