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Radio ARA


Radio ARA is the independent, non-commercial Radio Station of Luxembourg.

Active since 1992, Radio ARA is the oldest Community Radio in the country

and has always been identified as an alternative in the Luxembourgish media landscape.

The program of Radio ARA is as colourful and diverse

as the opinions, culture and music of the people living in the Grand Duchy.

The Radio for ALL Voices

BEN Visions of the Past N° 521 – 19.01.2024

BEN Visions of the Past N° 521 – 19.01.2024

Episode Info

Show: Visions of the Past
Episode Number: 521
Broadcasted: 19th January 2024


About this Episode

Visions of the Past
Visions of the Past
BEN Visions of the Past N° 521 - 19.01.2024
Artist Title CD/LP Label
STEPPENWOLF Tenderness For Ladies only Dunhill
PRETTY THINGS October 26 Parachute Harvest
GRAPHITE Chestnut Loke Chestnut Loke Audio Archives
AUNT MARY Farewell my friend, Pt. 1 Loaded Philips
AUDIENCE The House on the Hill The House on the Hill Charisma
SPIROGYRA The Forest of Dean Burn the Bridges (The Demo Tapes 1970-1971) Repertoire
CID (José) Fuga para o espaço 10.000 anos depois entre Vénus e Marte Orfeu
HUMBLE PIE For your love Live at the Whisky A-Go-Go ’69 Castle Music
GROUNDHOGS A year in the life Spilt Liberty Records
GROUNDHOGS You don’t love me Scratching the surface Liberty Records
GROUNDHOGS Thank Christ for the Bomb Thank Christ for the Bomb Liberty Records
THIRD EYE Once upon a time, Pt. 2 Brother Polydor
TINGLING MOTHER’S CIRCUS New York Mining Disaster 1941 A circus of the mind Musicor
OUT OF FOCUS Fly bird fly Out of Focus Kuckuck
DELIRIUM Jesahel Dolce Acqua Fonit Cetra
MALICORNE Quand je menais mes chevaux boire Almanach Hexagone
MALICORNE Quand j’étais chez mon père Almanach Hexagone
MALICORNE L’écolier assassin Almanach Hexagone
ANDWELLA’S DREAM The days grew longer for love Love and Poetry Sunbeam Records
BARON (Steve) QUARTET I sang about my Lady The Mother of us all Fallout Records
RARE BIRD Hammerhead As your mind flies by Charisma
CHAPMAN (Michael) Aviator Fully qualified survivor Harvest
HAPPY END Kakurenbo Happy End Erebus
COBHAM (Billy) Red Baron Spectrum Atlantic
GLORY Mornin’ ride On the air Rockadelic Records
MARBLE PHROGG I’m so glad Marble Phrogg Derrick
McNAMARA (Trevor) Country corn Yeah Captain World in Sound
EDMUND (Bob) Fly the friendly skies I see no colors Rabo
OATH (The) In dream The Oath Rise Above Records
CADÛ Oi Psychotic Parade Stone Free Records
JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES Goodbye to Virgin Grounds forever Second Psychedelic Coming; The Aquarius Svart Records

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