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Radio ARA


Radio ARA is the independent, non-commercial Radio Station of Luxembourg.


Active since 1992, Radio ARA is the oldest Community Radio in the country and has always been identified as an alternative in the Luxembourgish media landscape.


The program of Radio ARA is as colourful and diverse as the opinions, culture and music of the people living in the Grand Duchy.

The Radio for ALL Voices

Structure of Radio ARA

ARA listeners know that our frequency is the expression of diversity on the airwaves. Radio ARA in fact, it’s just one part of what you could hear during the week. Together with ARA City Radio and Graffiti they create all together a program mixed of culture, news, youth shows world music and so on… Even though they have clear different targets, the three organizations cooperate together under the supervision of Alter Echos. To understand better the umbrella structure of the three sisters that are operating under the frequency of Radio ARA, we invite you to have a look at the graphic below.